Gespeichert von Fred Kischkat
Mittwoch, 21. März 2018

The Charm of South England

South England – beautiful landscape, an amazing coast and these cute and homely towns. Everybody has to experience this magical region once! Mrs. Jänicke gave some of the students of our school the chance to participate on a school trip to England. We travelled with another school from Parchim on a bus to England. Our journey started on Sunday 11th February. After a long bus ride through Belgian, the Netherlands and France, we reached the Europe Tunnel. This was an amazing experience to be in such a deep tunnel under the sea in a train. So deep that you feel the pressure in your ears. Because we went to our host families at 18 o’clock, we had time for visiting two little typical cities. First, we visited Canterbury. This little town has 43.432 inhabitants. The whole town has old houses and a cathedral which gave the town a medival feeling.Very beautiful! Our next stop was Brighton. In summer, Brighton is famous for its long beach that is not a sand beach, but a stone beach! Many tourists go there each year. Therefore, they built a pier on which you can find a casino and an amusement park. You can also take a walk along the 8km long promenade and enjoy the ocean. So we did and waited for the sunset. This was a very impressive view. In the evening we went to our host families. Although we were nervous, we also looked forward to meeting them. Most of the families were really lovely, we ate in the evening with them and had interesting conversations about British culture but also German culture. That gave us the chance to improve our english skills. In the morning after breakfast with the families, we departed to Portsmouth. This town has as many inhabitants as Rostock. We’ve done a boat tour in the harbour and a sightseeing tour on our bus. In the afternoon the weather seemed to become better, so we visited the big look-out tower, sponsored by emirates. The view was absolutely amazing! You can see whole Portsmouth from there. Our next day started early at 7:45am. We were about to travel to London. After 2h on bus we came into London’s traffic. There we met our guide. He accompanied us on our bus tour through London. We saw the whole city and stopped at important sight-seeing spots like Westminster Abbey, Big Ben (who was unfortunately in renovation), St. Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace and the Tower of London. We had the chance to visit the Tower of London to see the crown jewels. Very impressive to see such an expensive and important jewellery. In the end we had some time left for shopping at Oxford Street. All in all it was a so impressive day! To see this famous city was a dream for all of us.  The next day it was time to say good-bye to our host families. On our way back we visited Salisbury and had a little time there. Some minutes away we took a look at Stonehenge before we had a very long trip back to Schwerin.

After this trip all of us found love for this amazing region of South England!

Thanks to Mrs. Jänicke for organising. 


Elina Schrader